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Historical Mixtape! @LILBTHEBASEDGOD Lil B “05 Fuck Em” 101 Songs, 6 Discs

Happy Holidays! Download This HISTORICAL Christmas Gift & Mixtape from Lil B “05 Fuck Em” NOW, just click the picture! This mixtape was posted today Christmas Eve and in less than 30 mins already been downloaded over 6,500 times! That’s #swag #fans #luv Lil B





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Rihanna claps back at fan for begging for shit!

Rihanna ain’t one to play w first she clocked a fan with her mic now she sending shots at fans on Instagram! We all know Rihanna is not one to be played w by now all her innocent sweet island girl image done wore off! She #Ratchet for real just w money now! (Im positive she probably was beating CB ass in that car lol)

A fan the other day came at RI RI on Instagram talking bout she shouldn’t be posting all the stuff she receives from designers etc, and she should be spending her money on more important things like giving expensive shit to her fans? Trying to make her feel guilty & shit! GTFOH! First off Ri Ri gets alot of shit FREE from people to advertise their products, its called marketing!  Anyway I digress Ri Ri clapped back at her on Instagram saying she gives money where its needed like $100,000 to the Phillipines for Typhoon Relief & called the fan a #reject & she should #eject herself from her account! Yea I agree #Thirsty ass chic get yo own shit! Check out the Tweet below:




Miley Cyrus makes news again for simply dressing up as Lil Kim for Halloween! I mean for real everything she does makes the news! Thats what I call hella promotion! Anyway she channeled her inner hip-hop again and showed off her outfit on her Twitter. I ain’t mad at her though she gets props from me for paying homage to one of the best female rappers of  the 90’s, Lil Kim! It’s obvious to me she shows much love & respect for the hip-hop culture and at least she didn’t dress in black face or drop the n-bomb like some of you non-black people tend to do thinking cause we allow you in the house you can put yo feet on my sofa! You might get yo ass whooped in my house for that shit!  I have to say she look good as Lil Kim! After all the shit about her twerking, not having an ass could you get past the tiny cakes would you Smash or Pass? —->> Click here to see more

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