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LeBron James “Im Coming Home”

You cant really be mad at Lebron for deciding to go back to Cleveland! Its his home and he brought Miami 4 Eastern Conference Championships plus 2 NBA Championships in 4 Years! I think people really mad because he was the best thing to happen to this city of bandwagon fans, plus he brought alot of money in and he’s invested in businesses here so he will always be apart of Miami. I always was a fan so I can see why he went back!


Kevin Hart – NBA Wish [Video]

Remember the old school hip hop song by “Skee-Lo – I Wish”  the song went something like this  “I wish I was a little bit taller I wish a was a baller”  Funny man Kevin Hart did a remake and got the help of some real NBA ballers like Kobe, Carmelo, & Chris Paul for this funny video remake right before his new movie “Ride Along comes out on January 17th with Ice Cube. Check it out below

Here is the old school version!



Heat security should a told Drake “You wasn’t in the gym shooting with me ” LOL! Like I said before all rappers think their entitled to do what they want just because you rap, NOT in Miami shit they even threw your BOSS Lil Wayne out of a Heat Game, banned Flo-Ridas manager from the finals and he FROM Miami! What makes Drake think he can just walk right into the locker room like he’s part of the team or media rumor has it even LeBron told one reporter in the locker room “Get the fuck out my face”  “my team good we dont really need a mascot – in my Drake voice lol”    Sounds like Drakes own verses have come back full circle!! check out the video above!

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