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Ciara calls off her wedding with Future!

So I guess there’s no Future Mrs. Future, Ciara that is!  The leak has it that she called off wedding plans due to rumor’s that he was cheating with his stylist Tyrina Lee while on tour? See image below!


Future and his stylist have been spending alot of time together and apparently went to the Bahama’s together? IDK bout you but we know when black folks go to the Bahamas its usually to get initmate with ya partner or that side chick lol. Anyway Future has about 50 kids already and Ciara just added to that number & gave birth to Future Zahir Wilburn on May 19. So I mean did you really think he wouldn’t cheat on CiCi!

Fans all over the twitterverse aren’t surprise and saw it coming!

@beezythegod: “Ciara played herself, future got like 47 kids already and put one off in her before marriage she shoulda known buddy was a rolling stone.”

@MzCuteCupcakes: “Future might be cheating on Ciara blah blah blah…aint surprised, he’s famous and he’s a rapper lol #WhatYallExpect.”

@OGNopeDawg: “Even if Ciara and Future really separated, they’d still have a Future together…”

So IDK if the rumor is true or not as the couple hasn’t confirmed or denied the story so far but I’m riding with my twitter peeps on this one!

What you think? Let me know!



It’s becoming harder and harder to find really good #r&b since #hiphop has saturated our everyday lives,the thing that is even more impressive about this song is that this song is coming from #Alaska, she has great tone and delivery reminds me of  #Fantasia check it out!

Ooh Killem! Here goes my hip-hop mixshow from earlier today on Swurvradio Todays show I was mixing some old school classics like ODB, Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, Wu Tang and more w the new school! Turned out pretty dope considering I don’t practice, just went off the dome! Check it out download it, stream it enjoy!


  1. Swurvradio – Intro
  2. @VakseenLLC – Official A&R Spot @VakseenLLC
  3. Nas – Nas Is Like
  4. Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child
  5. T Pain Feat B.O.B. – Up Down (Do This All Day)
  6. Lost Boyz – Music Makes Me High
  7. Young Jeezy Feat YG, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – RIP (Remix)
  8. The Beanuts – Watch Out Now
  9. Sage The Gemini – Red Nose
  10. Jay-Z – I Just Wanna Love You
  11. B.O.B. Feat 2 Chainz – Headband
  12. 2 Chainz – I’m Different
  13. Fuschinickens – Breakdown
  14. Tyga Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I. – Rack City
  15. ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  16. Dorrough Music Feat Tyga & Problem – After Party (Remix)
  17. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin
  18. New Boyz Feat Tyga – Active Kingz
  19. B Smyth ft 2 Chainz – Leggo
  20. Wu Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
  21. Chris Brown – Fine China
  22. Busta Rhymes Feat Q Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne – Thank You
  23. Plies – Fuckin Or What
  24. Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity

Street Fusion Fridays Ep 8

If you missed my mixshow from last Friday Dec 13th featuring new music from ASAP Mob, Tupac, Sean Kingston, a DJ Twizt Remix to Kendrick Lamars Backseat Freestyle and I even put a little twerk music in it for you twerkers! LISTEN NOW CLICK HERE ——->>>STREET FUSION FRIDAY EP 8


You betta back it up!!! Ghetto Mom Tasered at the Mall!

This is too funny! Watch this hood rat from Atlanta that got thrown out the mall get tased by the mall cop after she spit on him. She tried swinging on him after that until he pulled out the taser & dropped her ass! Whats bad about this is it shows how ghetto women act today! No class whatsoever and notice that her man was there the whole time so instead of him being the man and making them move on he let it escalate to a physical level! SMH! Just ghetto but funny as hell! #justwatch




LMFAO! Ok so IDK how true this is but the Twitterverse rumor mill is flying around that Miley Cyrus happily announced at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta over the weekend that Juicy J is the father of her baby???

Hate to say I told you so! Actually no i don’t I saw this coming a MILE(y) away! Whenever you see a white girl twerking and, hanging out with rappers the way she was you know somebody was gonna knock down those little cakes!!! Juicy J told yall he can’t say no to ratchet p***y! !

Billy Ray Cyrus on the other hand don’t seem to be too enthused about the pending family ties with a black rapper. He came out and said he never thought he’d see his daughter twerking to rap music and having a black baby! Christmas should be fun at their house!

For the scoop check out

Trinidad James Says “Do Drugs In Moderation”

Everybody  and I do mean everybody  has heard “All Gold Everything” by now, especially the line where he goes “popped a molly I’m sweating” I even find myself saying that at random times! lol It’s one thing about rap since it started that it takes from your life’s experiences and puts it to music! In Trinidad’s recent interview w XXL magazine he talks about how people shouldn’t blame rap for their own stupidity! You have a choice to pull the trigger or not, (hint) but saying rap made you do it is just an excuse for weak minded individuals! I totally agree with him on that! Does it influence people yes! but you always have a choice to do the right thing! If you think his lyrics are lame unintelligent and your a rapper or haven’t gotten a 2million dollars maybe you ought to rethink what your doing cause obliviously he’s smarter than you think!  Check out the article Trindiad James interview on XXL!



Sources in Atlanta are saying that Andre 3000’s mother Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, has passed away in her Rex, GA home. A representative for Andre 3000 has confirmed this to Billboard. Neighbors are also confirming this sad event days after the rapper/actor celebrated his 38th birthday.

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