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RIP Biggie

#RIPBIG: 21 Years Ago Today we lost the late Notorious B.I.G. 🙏🏽 What is your favorite song from all all time?


Dr. Dre Speaks On Becoming Hip Hop’s First Billionaire (VIDEOS)

Dr Dre Hip-Hops first Bilionaire!

RAP BEEF! Pro Era vs A$AP Mob!

A$AP Mob just released a new video “Trillmatic – feat Method Man” and personally I like it! It takes you back to the days when NY ran hip-hop that 90’s & early 2k’s flow! Apparently Joey Bad Ass & his crew Pro Era has an issue with it claiming A$AP Mob stole their style? WTF? (CHECK IT OUT HERE and see the Twitter jabs at one another)  First off this wasn’t their style to begin with! Alot of rappers before them did he same thing that’s New York Style of rap period! Also this is why New York rap is failing! Everybody hating but everyone saying they want to bring that old school New York style of rap back BUT ain’t that part of the reason NY isn’t on top anymore? I mean no one can come forward and be original and bring something new to the game! Its ok to pay homage to the past cause that’s what got us here but when you don’t find new ways to do it you become stale and that’s what New York rap has done! It’s gotten boring while everyone else is looking to party! There’s a lane for this style of rap but it will never reach the heights of what it used to be! These days songs come and go quicker than you can flush a turd down the toilet! Anybody remember “Gangam Style?” Check out the video from ASAP Mob Trillmatic feat Method Man and then check out one from Pro Era both are good but they can’t ever meet the standard set by the next one 

Here’s a gem from Joey Bad Ass & Pro Era:

Neither of these artists will ever touch classic’s like this! Shyheim ft Method Man – Shaolin Style


Nelson Mandela dies at 95


Real RoZay

The RealRoZay team is sadden to write that South Africa and the world is mourning the death Nelson Mandela. Mr.Mandela was internationally loved and he was the epitome of peace and equality and fought to end racial apartheid in Africa. The world is mourning and hurting with the Mandela family.
Mandela passed away today, after a long hard decline of his health. The 95-year-old former South African president gave his life to fight for equality in his people. Mandela knew that he would be branded as a criminal but that didn’t stop or intimidate him… Mandela struggled and did the impossible and was later named South Africa’s first black president. He did that, with a dream, without giving up, he gave people hope, and freedom. He is an inspiration and we know mourn is passing. Mandela was a force of peace and equality. He earned the Nobel Peace Prize, his…

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F*ckWithMeButIDon’tGotIt: The 15 Signs You’re A Broke Rapper!

We all know the type and have a friend that raps about the money and glamorous lifestyle of being a rapper when in reality we know they can’t even afford to pay the $10 cover charge to get in the club let alone spend $150 popping bottles in the club! I found a funny article on the subject so read on then click the link to see the hilarious list of 15 Signs You’re A Broke Rapper & photos!


Only in hip hop do platinum recording artists manage to go broke, whether it’s from avoiding paying Uncle Sam or buying a Jesus piece from Jacob for every member in their posse. As Biggie Smalls famously proclaimed, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.”

But for some reason, despite the crazy amount of debt they have been burdened with, some rappers (we won’t name names just yet) continue to live a life they truly cannot afford.

Alas, we have curated this comprehensive list, which will help to identify whether you (or your wannabe rapper friend) are a “broke rapper.”

If you fit the criteria, fear not — UPS is hiring.

To see the 15 Signs on Elite Daily Click Here

Excerpt from Ashton Tyler for Elite Daily

15 Signs You're  A Broke Rapper,

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