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Ciara calls off her wedding with Future!

So I guess there’s no Future Mrs. Future, Ciara that is!  The leak has it that she called off wedding plans due to rumor’s that he was cheating with his stylist Tyrina Lee while on tour? See image below!


Future and his stylist have been spending alot of time together and apparently went to the Bahama’s together? IDK bout you but we know when black folks go to the Bahamas its usually to get initmate with ya partner or that side chick lol. Anyway Future has about 50 kids already and Ciara just added to that number & gave birth to Future Zahir Wilburn on May 19. So I mean did you really think he wouldn’t cheat on CiCi!

Fans all over the twitterverse aren’t surprise and saw it coming!

@beezythegod: “Ciara played herself, future got like 47 kids already and put one off in her before marriage she shoulda known buddy was a rolling stone.”

@MzCuteCupcakes: “Future might be cheating on Ciara blah blah blah…aint surprised, he’s famous and he’s a rapper lol #WhatYallExpect.”

@OGNopeDawg: “Even if Ciara and Future really separated, they’d still have a Future together…”

So IDK if the rumor is true or not as the couple hasn’t confirmed or denied the story so far but I’m riding with my twitter peeps on this one!

What you think? Let me know!


Positive Forces in #Hip-Hop

Sometimes you get tired of hearing about bling, popping bottles and bla bla bla! Sometimes you just want to hear something you can relate too! The struggle, daily grind, real life that 99% of the world has to go thru daily not a fantasy world that most people who rap about don’t live either. This month I’m featuring some #alaska artists and other who’s music & mission is about positivity! First up to bat is a talented artist @Chalease with her new video #Believe she is an alaskan artist who’s passion is about speaking to young women about the struggles they face thru her music. Her flow and sound is similar to #Lisa #LeftEye Lopes from TLC Check her out and show some support by following her on twitter and facebook

She was one of my spotlight artists and you can get more info on her here  —-> Chalease

Watch her latest promo video Believe!

Exclusive Fresh New Music!!!!

A few weeks ago i did a feature on an artist named DedFre$h @dedfreshshawty (artist spotlight here) and i told u he was dope! Well i was just blessed w a new video from him and it’s FIRE! Check it out you heard it first from me!


So the votes have been tallied and the winners are in! I just want to give a shout out to all the nominees & winners but especially the organizers of the award show, Reggie Ward & Jerika of Enter907. If you haven’t been around the local scene this past year you wouldn’t understand how hard people have been grinding. This award show was a perfect way to show everyone that has spent countless hours creating music, promoting and grinding hard to put the city on the map that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by your peers and fans. I salute each & everyone involved and big thank you to my friends, and fam  for voting for me and helped me win “DJ of the Year” lord knows i’ve done alot to help the scene and will continue to do so even thou I’m in Florida. I wish I could have been there but work and family wouldn’t allow it but I will be back this summer planning a few things  stay tuned! M&M Technologies did a good job of capturing the moment and you can check out the pics here: ALASKA HIPHOP n R&B AWARDS 

Here is a recap of the winners:

• Female Rapper of the year: Mz. Bossy

• Male Rapper of the year: Muldoon Manny

• Female Vocalist of the year: Tashanne Casey

• Male vocalist of the year: Benzo

• Best group/duo: LME

• Video of the year: Muldoon Manny & Muhnee in the furthest thing

• Battle Rapper- Young Block

• Rookie of the year- Jay Bandana

• Song of the year- Young Block and Chris Star in more life

• Album of the year- Muldoon Manny in talking dirty after dark

• Studio of the year- Lokal907 studios

• Producer of the year- black Mozart

• Label/Crew- Dirty hustle

Dj of the year- Dj Twistz 


• Radio Personality of the Year- Mz Bossy and Allie

• Most Professional- Young Block


Check out one O-Town (Overtown, Miami) representer YD aka Dade County Assassin do his thing! You can catch his music on my mixshow Fridays at 1pm pst or check him out in our featured artist section here: ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

#Grammys are Rigged? #Macklemore vs #KendrickLamar is Stupid!

So I want to touch on the #Grammys today since so much of what I do is based on music. First off I think the people that won were deserving considering the nominees. What I really want to touch on is the uproar over the Rap categories.  Everywhere I turn people are pissed off (mainly black folks) and dogging #Macklemore for winning out over Kendrick Lamar? Pissed off that Macklemore won almost all but one of the rap categories  at the #Grammys “Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, & Best Rap Album” Whats there  to debate?

First off he did it on his own independently w/o the corporate marketing machine behind him! He built his own LOYAL fan base from scratch, He talks about subjects that 99% of rappers wont touch, BUT be the same ones running around in skirts and women’s yoga pants? He actually has songs that mean something to alot of people, his words said what they couldn’t but you got alot of so called “REAL” Hip-hop heads always talking bout they want to hear something w substance? WTF was he rapping bout?  99% of rappers today all talk about the same shit, drugs, strip clubs, n popping bottles w money they aint got?

Most of your rappers today are copy cats doing & saying the same thing as other rappers do! You cant tell when a rapper is from NY, Seattle or Atlanta anymore?  I always thought music was about expression and being different from the next artist but apparently in rap that doesn’t matter anymore. When it can be proven that your so called gangsters, n drug dealers are ex cops but still talk about a life they didn’t live and still have a career means the consumers of this music don’t care and follow blindly.

I think Kendrick Lamar would have been an excellent choice to win also but obviously he didn’t have a problem w it and neither should you as shown by his messages to Macklemore.



Thrift Shop showed the WORLD that you don’t have to go buy Versace & Gucci to look good while making it rain on strippers w your rent money.  His album shows us that u can have good music about change, equality, politics, being different and people will accept it!  You just have to look at it for what it is a GREAT album and stop being hypocrites on one hand wanting rap music to be different but on the other not accepting it when someone different comes along, not talking about the same shit your used to hearing. Kendrick had an outstanding year and a great album as well but not near the impact Macklemore’s did overall socially and consciously.  Matter of fact I think all Thrift shops from Goodwill, Salvation Army etc should cut him a check for increasing their sales!

Do you think different leave a  comment!

Check out the full list of Grammy Nominees & Winners here—–> 56th Annual Grammy Nominees & Award Winners

Hot New Music! Chloe Riley @ChloeCrush – We Made It (Freestyle) Slip-N-Slide Records

New music from Slip-N-Slide Records artist Chloe Riley @ChloeCrush – We made It (Freestyle)Chloe Riley

Follow her on Twitter: @ChloeCrush Instagram: ChloeCrush

Historical Mixtape! @LILBTHEBASEDGOD Lil B “05 Fuck Em” 101 Songs, 6 Discs

Happy Holidays! Download This HISTORICAL Christmas Gift & Mixtape from Lil B “05 Fuck Em” NOW, just click the picture! This mixtape was posted today Christmas Eve and in less than 30 mins already been downloaded over 6,500 times! That’s #swag #fans #luv Lil B





Instagram: lilbisgod


drake-joins-jordan-brand-1So Drake not Kanye West is going to be an official partner for Jordan BrandDrakeJordanJordan brand is not known for partnering with rappers other than the shoe designed by Kanye West. Kanye has been on a rampage about how Nike won’t let him do anything else or open up their production outlets to him! If you haven’t been paying attention he went ballistic on talk show host “Sway” from Sway in the Morning on XM Radio recently! He was yelling at Sway and for a minute I thought Sway was gonna turn off the monitors and whoop his ass!  ” You don’t have the answers Sway memes have been popping up everywhere”  we have the video here but you can skip straight to the self centered rant and yelling at about 17:00 min mark:

or you can just listen to this Audio clip below:

I guess Kanye still got what he wanted because now he signed a deal with Adidas just a few days after his rant as announced by MTV check it out here Kanye West signs deal with Adidas! What confuses me about all this is he claims we are all slaves to these companies cause we buy their brands BUT he wants to be a part of that world? Does that make him the house ni66a? IDK you can be the judge of that I’mma buy Puma! lol



Happy Bday I want to salute to one of the BEST to ever pic up a microphone! Wow can’t believe Jay-Z is turning 44 years old today! Hard to believe he has had a career for over 20 years most artists lucky to get 15 minutes! What makes it even crazier is he still can rap circles around 95% of the artists out here today! I’m not sure what you can get a guy that has everything? He has the hottest girlfriend ever, part owner of a professional basketball team the Brooklyn Nets, sold millions of records, was president of Def Jam Records a ground breaking label know for producing some of the most famous artist in hip-hop, his charity with the Water project, the list goes on & on! All this coming from a man who grew up in Marcy Projects in Brooklyn,  New York (which is proof when you live in the ghetto your goal is to get out) Take note wanna be gangstas people who really live there want to get OUT not IN!  MTV came up with a great list of 44 Reasons to Celebrate, I call it more like 44 Reasons WE should celebrate his contributions to the world! Check it out here:  JAY-Z 44 REASONS TO CELEBRATE! I think they actually came up with a great list this time! He’s done alot over his career probably alot you didn’t know! Hit the flip to see their list


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