YD aka “Dade County Assassin”

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People always talking bout going to Miami to party and pop bottles at clubs like Mansion, Fontainbleau, Cameo etc! Unfortunately what they show on tv is not Miami, it’s South Beach which is an island community near the Atlantic Ocean across the bridge from Miami! It’s just a small community that’s part of Dade CountyDon’t believe me look at this map then Google those club addresses if you never been there to see what Im talking about! Don’t get me wrong I love South Beach too, but I also like to soak in the real  heartbeat and places off the beaten path of a city everything from food, music, stores etc. You don’t get a real idea about a city until you go where the locals are and find the hidden gems.  YD is one of those gems! 


My featured artist YD is really from Miami! Overtown to be exact! A historic black neighborhood in the heart of Miami! Overtown aint nothing  like what you see on tv and neither is mainland Miami! If you’ve been to “Miami” more than likely you went straight to South beach so you wont fully understand what Im talking about because your too enamored by the bright lights, nightlife & beautiful women! I call it the tourist trap or South Bitch!

My featured artist YD is from the other side and has been grinding this music thing for a while now, he’s collaborated or worked with many artists that have made it big like Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Pitbull and many more! He’s very well know in his city as an artist on the rise, all you have to do is look at his body of work! This cat spits bars that tell you about living  life in the 305 everything from money, drugs, and the occasional serenade for the females, all coming from his experiences & perspective! He reminds me of a Miami version of Young Jeezy, gritty hard core lyrics for the streets!  Not a punch line rapper but someone you want to listen to while sippin on some Henney or smoking dro up in the trap or sliding in ya donk! Couple of my favorites lines is “I never met Diddy but i’m a bad boy” and “Fuck a drive by, Turn ya block into a gun range”

He has a library of mixtapes out, from his first official release “Who Is YD? vol.1  then he dropped vol.2,3,4,5,6 & 7” “80’s Baby” “The Most Under Rated” & his latest mixtape “The Real YD” all are available on Datpiff. and each of his mixapes have some gems on em! He either ryhmes over original beats or  spits over industry beats with ease like on 80’s Baby where he pays homage to artists from that era! Like with many artists you can see his lyrical ability has grown over time as he’s developed his style from a raw prospect to making his own mark today!

This is one talented artist that represents Miami the 305 all day in every way from the dreds to the slang and if you love raw hip-hop from the streets you wont be disappointed! Like he said from his first mixtape “I’m from Wade County aint no pressure, I can hold the heat”

Download his latest mixtape today or all of them I guarantee you’ll find some dope shit for everyone on em!

Get at him on Twitter @TheRealYD 0r his FB page!



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