Stain Gang

photo (1)StainGang : (from L to R) @StaingangVonno_ @StaingangZo @StaingangRK

Music is about life and hip-hop was started out in the hood by black youth telling their story of the life their living! One thing I believe is when you really live in the hood your music comes from the heart about your experiences of growing up there! Some people try to imitate this life style even though their not bout that life but it usually makes them more dangerous cause they trying to prove how “ghetto” they are! #FACT People in the ghetto want to get out not get in! That’s the main reason for rapping to make money and move up to the eastside!

The group I’m featuring today Stain Gang is one example of that life! In their music they tell you about the ups & downs of what its like to live in one of the most dangerous cities in the US, Chi-town! Chicago is know for alot of things gangs, killings and what makes the news the most is how retarded Kanye act at every interview but thats another story!

They definitely made me a fan when i heard their music! They put you in the frame of mind of Chief Keef also from Chicago. When you listen to these young cats from Dolton, you can tell their about making it in the rap game to feed their families but if rap don’t pay they don’t have no problem getting it the ski mask way in other words “STAIN” where they get their name from!

Vonno – Man Down feat RK, Zo Bandz

One of my favorite tracks  “Move On Me” featuring femcee HoneyMoe.

Don’t sleep on Chicago there’s alot of hidden talent out there in the streets! To hear more or get at StainGang hit them up on twitter using the links above or on their website here: STAIN GANG

  1. Dudes are nothing like chief keef – what are you talking about? GBE 300 BANG BANG

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