“Chalease – Unidentified” Album on iTunes Now!

One of the hidden gems from Alaska! The beautiful and talented twenty-year old singer & rapper Chalease Linderman  born in Nome but raised in Anchorage, Alaska! I came across her music through a benefit she did before moving out of Alaska to pursue her dreams and I was really impressed with her music! I could tell right off the back she before I even talked to her from listening to her music she was well ahead of most and would probably do better and learn more out of state! Little did I know she was already on that path! When you listen to her music you can tell she draws her influence from artists of the past such as Aaliyah or TLC. Her album “Unidentified” she takes you on a trip full of her experiences and expresses it in melodic hip-hop/r&b infused songs sure to gain her alot of female fans that can relate to what she has to say! I’m sure the guys will be salivating over her too, not just for the music! lol

Connect with her on Facebook, Youtube & support local by buying her album on iTunes click the image & links below!




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