Dirty Hustle

Dirty Hustle

Ask most people about Alaska and the first thing they say is “Sarah Palin, Polar Bears, Igloos & The show Deadliest Catch”  my favorite is when they say do you see penguins?  I like to mess with them and say yea they live in my backyard!  Alaska is known for alot of things but music is not really one of them. My featured artists today are from the label “Dirty Hustle” and they are out to change that.

Dirty Hustle Productionz is a record label based out of Anchorage, Alaska and by definition they are hustling this music thing. The  front man and owner, $krilla $kratch and his partner Fase Paccino created and run the label. Together they make up Beat Flipaz one of the hottest production teams in Alaska. The artists on their roster consist of: Black aka Tha Truth,  Benzo (Dat Uso Benz), Mo’ Bounce, Yung Papa, DP (Tha Hook Killah), Blokkmonsta and Six Eight The Great.

Recently released music includes the debut album “Dirty Hustle Presents: The Preview” has gotten rave reviews not only in Alaska but up and down the West Coast all the way to Los Angeles.  Smash songs like “I Told Ya” “Gonna Give It To You” “I Got Swagg” and more have gained them alot of underground fans. Check that album out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dirty-hustle-presents-the/id368584586?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

A new Dirty Hustle compilation album is in the works and also expect to see individual projects from all of the artists on the label dropping soon. Black aka Tha Truth recently released a solo mixtape “The Time is 907”  and I definitely recommend you hit them up for a copy of that one.  One of my favorite mixtapes that came out from an Alaskan artist recently. 

The hustle doesn’t just stop there with making a few cd’s. Dirty Hustle artists have been hustling & performing all over Anchorage and beyond Benzo & Black aka Tha Truth have opened up for Juvenile, & Platinum Selling Polynesian artist Savage, Finn Tha Groovah, Ras Mas & Dru James.  Performed at Al’s Alaskan Inn, Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge, Rumrunners in Anchorage & Mat-Su Resort, S-Lounge, Players House Of Rock, TapRoots, The Rock in Wasilla, Club Milenium, Club Soraya and Juneteenth every year, Tha Crowd & Uso Car Club Shows every year, Relay For Life, Battle of The Bands (Which They Won), Anchor Pub, & Benzo at The Beach Club in California and many other venues…

They have done a couple songs for TV shows…. One that was picked up by High Noon Entertainment for a TV show called Family Style on the Food Network…. About a restaurant called Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen…. The Anchorage Daily News did an article about that…. click on the link to read more about that here: http://community.adn.com/adn/node/152791 Press articles also include a feature on the back cover of One Nation Magazines Strange Music Edition Featuring Dirty Hustle, Rittz, Brutha Lynch Hung & Trizz.

They are currently working on starting an internet Radio Station…. Dirty Hustle Radio. Featuring only Independent Artists From Alaska to the Philippines & everything in between! A clothing line is also in the works… DH Gear aka Dirty Hustle Klothing… Currently they have Hats, Shirts & Hoodies for sale!

Some artists claim their “Hustling” but Dirty Hustle is doing that and it shows in their efforts to be more than just another fish in the sea swimming with the same school of guppies, their trying to be the shark in the water.  The group everyone knows from Alaska and beyond with the Dirty Hustle it takes to make a statement in the music industry.

“We are more than a label, and more than a family. Dirty Hustle is a statement, a way of life. We take our experiences and tell it to the world. Whether good or bad, there’s always an underlying story behind our songs. See ya soon!!! And keep it Dirty!”


Black aka Tha Truth “My City My Town”
Video Produced & Edited by Dustin “Sk8God” Nelson

Benzo “Sexy Lady”
Video Produced & Edited by M&M Technology









  1. Gud lookin out on tha Artist Spotlight DJ Twizt!!! We appresiate it fam!!!

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