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T.I. gets in a fight w the champ, Floyd Mayweather!

Memorial Weekend Las Vegas apparently T.I. and Floyd Mayweather were at the same place Fatburgers on the strip and story has it Floyd told T.I. to “control his bitch” then all hell broke out as you’ll see in the eyewitness videos!

Then chairs start flying!



Positive Forces in #Hip-Hop

Sometimes you get tired of hearing about bling, popping bottles and bla bla bla! Sometimes you just want to hear something you can relate too! The struggle, daily grind, real life that 99% of the world has to go thru daily not a fantasy world that most people who rap about don’t live either. This month I’m featuring some #alaska artists and other who’s music & mission is about positivity! First up to bat is a talented artist @Chalease with her new video #Believe she is an alaskan artist who’s passion is about speaking to young women about the struggles they face thru her music. Her flow and sound is similar to #Lisa #LeftEye Lopes from TLC Check her out and show some support by following her on twitter and facebook

She was one of my spotlight artists and you can get more info on her here  —-> Chalease

Watch her latest promo video Believe!

Dr. Dre Speaks On Becoming Hip Hop’s First Billionaire (VIDEOS)

Dr Dre Hip-Hops first Bilionaire!

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