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#BlackHistoryMonth : Michael Dunn vs State of Florida (Poll: Guilty or Not Guilty)

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Black History Month this ones for the books! #MichaelDunn vs St of FL Everyone is upset about this case but people need to learn the laws that can effect your life, especially BLACK people and anyone for that matter! According to Florida Statute  782.04 to be convicted of Murder in the First Degree it has to be PREMEDITATED by design to effect the killing of a person or in the act of a crime and there is a list of certain crimes you have to be committing, none of which Dunn was doing. For those that don’t know what premeditated means the definition is to “think out or plan (an action, esp. a crime) beforehand”

Looking at this case they had a confrontation in a parking lot which would have been a RANDOM occurrence. Did he “plan” to murder” this teenager he didn’t know? It could probably be argued “yes” when he walked over to the car and asked them to “turn down this THUG music” (the new word for nigga) so how can you prove that unless he shot “first”  I can see why he didn’t get convicted of that charge but he got the rest so he’s looking at a MINIMUM 60 years! There was NO WAY he was able to claim self defense like Zimmerman because no weapon was found as he claimed! This case was pretty open and shut from the start. Justice was served but I’m sure plenty alot of people won’t agree with me!

Law is black & white with barely any wiggle room from how its written on the books. Alot of people are asking “whats wrong with the Florida justice system” I think they believe murder is just to kill someone, without knowing how its defined by the laws of the state. Or maybe they think he didn’t get murder in the first because he claimed self defense. If you ever served on a jury or been involved with the justice system at all you would know it has to be to the letter of the law to convict a person but we all know that there are injustices all the time but this is not one of them to me! .Justice was served according to how it was written. The problem now is he will be able to appeal for several reasons like how the jury could convict on the other charges but not that one, and a bunch of other bullshit loopholes. I feel sorry for his parents because they will never get their son back regardless of the verdict but at least he will be sitting behind bars with a bunch of real THUGS for now!  If you think different leave a comment i’m always open for debate.

Watch the verdict Click HERE: Micahel Dunn vs State of Florida Guilty of 4/5 Charges

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