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#Grammys are Rigged? #Macklemore vs #KendrickLamar is Stupid!

So I want to touch on the #Grammys today since so much of what I do is based on music. First off I think the people that won were deserving considering the nominees. What I really want to touch on is the uproar over the Rap categories.  Everywhere I turn people are pissed off (mainly black folks) and dogging #Macklemore for winning out over Kendrick Lamar? Pissed off that Macklemore won almost all but one of the rap categories  at the #Grammys “Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, & Best Rap Album” Whats there  to debate?

First off he did it on his own independently w/o the corporate marketing machine behind him! He built his own LOYAL fan base from scratch, He talks about subjects that 99% of rappers wont touch, BUT be the same ones running around in skirts and women’s yoga pants? He actually has songs that mean something to alot of people, his words said what they couldn’t but you got alot of so called “REAL” Hip-hop heads always talking bout they want to hear something w substance? WTF was he rapping bout?  99% of rappers today all talk about the same shit, drugs, strip clubs, n popping bottles w money they aint got?

Most of your rappers today are copy cats doing & saying the same thing as other rappers do! You cant tell when a rapper is from NY, Seattle or Atlanta anymore?  I always thought music was about expression and being different from the next artist but apparently in rap that doesn’t matter anymore. When it can be proven that your so called gangsters, n drug dealers are ex cops but still talk about a life they didn’t live and still have a career means the consumers of this music don’t care and follow blindly.

I think Kendrick Lamar would have been an excellent choice to win also but obviously he didn’t have a problem w it and neither should you as shown by his messages to Macklemore.



Thrift Shop showed the WORLD that you don’t have to go buy Versace & Gucci to look good while making it rain on strippers w your rent money.  His album shows us that u can have good music about change, equality, politics, being different and people will accept it!  You just have to look at it for what it is a GREAT album and stop being hypocrites on one hand wanting rap music to be different but on the other not accepting it when someone different comes along, not talking about the same shit your used to hearing. Kendrick had an outstanding year and a great album as well but not near the impact Macklemore’s did overall socially and consciously.  Matter of fact I think all Thrift shops from Goodwill, Salvation Army etc should cut him a check for increasing their sales!

Do you think different leave a  comment!

Check out the full list of Grammy Nominees & Winners here—–> 56th Annual Grammy Nominees & Award Winners



Damn IDK what to think about her booty but it does make men stop in their tracks and worship it! She has to have the #1 Butt in the world! So my #QuestionOfTheDay is do you think her cakes are real or fake?

Check out her work out routine! Do you think that helped pump up those cakes?




#JustinBieber Arrested in #MiamiBeach

Is it me or is  Justin Bieber a bad ass mo fo! This week he been on a rampage egged someone house, got a police escort to the most famous hood strip club in America King of Diamonds. Now early this morning he got busted for driving in a residential neighborhood for drag racing? Then story has it when he got pulled over he told on himself that he had been drinking and smoking! Justin Biebers new name should be Justin “Bad Ass” Bieber” I wonder if  it will be that easy to get his “fruit cocktail” while he’s waiting to go to court? lol Check the scoop here click the pic:




So I’ve been blessed to get nominated in the “Best DJ” Category! I’ve done alot of work over the past year and It would mean alot if I got the win so please vote for me! Vote here —->> NOMINEES.

Ooh Killem! Here goes my hip-hop mixshow from earlier today on Swurvradio Todays show I was mixing some old school classics like ODB, Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, Wu Tang and more w the new school! Turned out pretty dope considering I don’t practice, just went off the dome! Check it out download it, stream it enjoy!


  1. Swurvradio – Intro
  2. @VakseenLLC – Official A&R Spot @VakseenLLC
  3. Nas – Nas Is Like
  4. Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child
  5. T Pain Feat B.O.B. – Up Down (Do This All Day)
  6. Lost Boyz – Music Makes Me High
  7. Young Jeezy Feat YG, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – RIP (Remix)
  8. The Beanuts – Watch Out Now
  9. Sage The Gemini – Red Nose
  10. Jay-Z – I Just Wanna Love You
  11. B.O.B. Feat 2 Chainz – Headband
  12. 2 Chainz – I’m Different
  13. Fuschinickens – Breakdown
  14. Tyga Feat Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I. – Rack City
  15. ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  16. Dorrough Music Feat Tyga & Problem – After Party (Remix)
  17. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin
  18. New Boyz Feat Tyga – Active Kingz
  19. B Smyth ft 2 Chainz – Leggo
  20. Wu Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
  21. Chris Brown – Fine China
  22. Busta Rhymes Feat Q Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne – Thank You
  23. Plies – Fuckin Or What
  24. Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity

Hot New Music! Chloe Riley @ChloeCrush – We Made It (Freestyle) Slip-N-Slide Records

New music from Slip-N-Slide Records artist Chloe Riley @ChloeCrush – We made It (Freestyle)Chloe Riley

Follow her on Twitter: @ChloeCrush Instagram: ChloeCrush

#Question of the #Day #Ass “PHAT or FLAT”

Ass, ass, ass we live in a world that is infatuated with ass! From Miley Cyrus and her terrible version of twerking, Kimmy “Cakes” Kardashian’s ASSets probably gets more coverage than AT&T! Fella’s and ladies (cause i know yall be looking at other women’s bodies more than some of you would admit) I wanted to ask the question how do you like your ass? “Phat or Flat” Take a look at these pics and cast your vote below!

Candidate #1 – Italian Model Olga Kent at the beach: 


View the video of the Italian Model playing on the beach here—–> Italian Model Olga Kent at the beach

Candidate #2—-> Kim Kardasahian post baby bump


Check out the video of Kimmy Cakes at the beach! 

POLL! Whats Your Flavor? “PHAT or FLAT” 

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