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Sonic Rainbow (New Years Eve 2014) (Party Starter Mix)

Can you believe it’s going to be 2014?  Personally for me I like my music loud & fast. If your like me sometimes hip-hop doesn’t cut it especially for NYE! (Just my opinion) So to help you ring in the New Year right I did a live mix of some of the best party songs from alot of different genres of music from House, Top 40, Latin & Dance Remixes to start your night off right! Download or just stream it and I guarantee it will get you in the mood to party! Ring in your NYE 2014 with this dance mix or anytime you feel like cranking up the party a notch!

Enjoy & Happy New Year 2014!

Dj Twizt aka Eargazm

Click Pic to Listen & Download!



  1. Right Now – Rihanna
  2. Macklemore x Ryan Lewis feat Ray Dalton – Cant Hold Us
  3. Will I Am feat Justin Bieber – That Power
  4. Robin Thicke Feat Pharrell & T.I. – Blurred Lines (Liam Keegan/Anton Powers Remix)
  5. Havana Brown Feat Pitbull Vs Sidney Samson – We Run The Night
  6. Britney Spears – Work (Bitch) (Richard Vission Remix) [Dirty]
  7. Don Omar – Zumba Hit It
  8. Pitbull Feat Marc Anthony – Rain Over Me
  9. Daddy Yankee ft Prince Royce – Ven Conmigo
  10. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  11. Enur ft Natasha – Calabria 2007 (Radio Edit)
  12. Robin S – Show Me Love (Douken Remix)
  13. DJ Khaled Feat Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – No New Friends (Uptempo Banger)
  14. Travis Porter Feat T Pain – Make It Rain (Uptempo T-Mix) [Dirty]
  15. Lorde – Royals (The Scene Kings Remix)
  16. Don Omar feat Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro
  17. Lana Del Rey – SummerTime Sadness
  18. Kalimete – Ella No Esta en Eso (House Beat)
  19. Enrique IglesiasDirty Dancer (Big Room House Mix)
  20. Pitbull – Hotel Room Service (Marc M.K. Kinchen Mix)
  21. La Sonora Dinamita – Mil Horas (DJ JRS House Edit)
  22. Wisin Y Yandel ft Chris Brown and T-Pain – Algo Me Gusta De Ti
  23. Stevie B X Loops X Tings – Spring Bootleg (Tek One 2013 Bootleg)
  24. Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (House Remix)
  25. David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj – – Turn Me On
  26. Karen Fiore – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Dj Mesta & Robbie F Club Mix)

Florida aka Flor-I-DUH! The Capital of Crazy! Teen beats mom w a bat on Christmas Eve?

Florida has to be the capital of crazy, I think all the sunshine has peoples brains fried. On Christmas Eve 17 yo Brandon Aydelott (ironically) a 6’5″ star baseball player in Gulf Breeze Florida, beat his his mother a beloved teacher Sharon Aydelott to death with a baseball bat and slit her throat! Which came before or after only he knows. Apparently there had been drama between him and his mother for some time a friend says but to beat ya mom to death on Christmas eve is just crazy! maybe he didn’t get the gift he wanted? He was arrested some time after and is being held w no bond. Read the news article here —->> 

SRSO: 17-year-old arrested for homicide in Gulf Breeze stabbing death (parental warning advised)




Historical Mixtape! @LILBTHEBASEDGOD Lil B “05 Fuck Em” 101 Songs, 6 Discs

Happy Holidays! Download This HISTORICAL Christmas Gift & Mixtape from Lil B “05 Fuck Em” NOW, just click the picture! This mixtape was posted today Christmas Eve and in less than 30 mins already been downloaded over 6,500 times! That’s #swag #fans #luv Lil B





Instagram: lilbisgod

Kevin Hart – NBA Wish [Video]

Remember the old school hip hop song by “Skee-Lo – I Wish”  the song went something like this  “I wish I was a little bit taller I wish a was a baller”  Funny man Kevin Hart did a remake and got the help of some real NBA ballers like Kobe, Carmelo, & Chris Paul for this funny video remake right before his new movie “Ride Along comes out on January 17th with Ice Cube. Check it out below

Here is the old school version!

Duck Dynasty family mutiny against A&E No Phil No Show!


So the whole internet is ablaze about Phil Robertson getting banned from the show “Duck Dynasty” over his article in GQ where he says “He didn’t understand how a man could want asshole over vagina!” LOL you gotta admit that’s funny!  This family just seems like real southern people who have no problem speaking their mind no matter how insensitive it may seem to you! Some things shouldn’t be said like dropping the N bomb because of the deep pain & racial divide associated with that word, but to me this wasn’t one of those issues! Personally I don’t watch A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” so I don’t know why this really got so blown out of proportion! I believe A&E was wrong for booting Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” off the show for exercising his freedom of speech while expressing his beliefs to GQ Magazine! America has absolutely turned a blind eye to sin which was what he was saying! He’s just old school and expressing what the bible preaches that we all know is supposed to be sins and will condemn you to hell after this life, it seems to me that most people pick & choose what they want to apply to their life from the bible while ignoring the rest! Like no one is saying anything about how he also said men are running around sleeping with women! They chose to point out what they didn’t like and make an issue with it!  He just said what Im sure hundreds of thousands of other people think too! To me as long as he didn’t intentionally cause harm to anyone or incite hate I have no issue w what he said! Its his right to free speech! I have some awesome gay friends and I have no problem w how they live their life, its not my life and not my place to judge or condone. I believe all people should be free to live their life the way they want too whether that is against your principles or the bibles principles it is not up to us to judge someone for their choices unless like I said it causes harm or incites hate. Nor should we condone him for expressing his belief as taught by the bible! America has become so politically & socially correct (by American Standards) about everything in the name of a dollar lost because you may upset someone, no one can say anything without some one saying your wrong for expressing yourself? Like they say the family that prays together sticks together! Good for them stick to your guns! Read more about it here on TMZ

Street Fusion Fridays Ep 8

If you missed my mixshow from last Friday Dec 13th featuring new music from ASAP Mob, Tupac, Sean Kingston, a DJ Twizt Remix to Kendrick Lamars Backseat Freestyle and I even put a little twerk music in it for you twerkers! LISTEN NOW CLICK HERE ——->>>STREET FUSION FRIDAY EP 8


Rihanna claps back at fan for begging for shit!

Rihanna ain’t one to play w first she clocked a fan with her mic now she sending shots at fans on Instagram! We all know Rihanna is not one to be played w by now all her innocent sweet island girl image done wore off! She #Ratchet for real just w money now! (Im positive she probably was beating CB ass in that car lol)

A fan the other day came at RI RI on Instagram talking bout she shouldn’t be posting all the stuff she receives from designers etc, and she should be spending her money on more important things like giving expensive shit to her fans? Trying to make her feel guilty & shit! GTFOH! First off Ri Ri gets alot of shit FREE from people to advertise their products, its called marketing!  Anyway I digress Ri Ri clapped back at her on Instagram saying she gives money where its needed like $100,000 to the Phillipines for Typhoon Relief & called the fan a #reject & she should #eject herself from her account! Yea I agree #Thirsty ass chic get yo own shit! Check out the Tweet below:


You betta back it up!!! Ghetto Mom Tasered at the Mall!

This is too funny! Watch this hood rat from Atlanta that got thrown out the mall get tased by the mall cop after she spit on him. She tried swinging on him after that until he pulled out the taser & dropped her ass! Whats bad about this is it shows how ghetto women act today! No class whatsoever and notice that her man was there the whole time so instead of him being the man and making them move on he let it escalate to a physical level! SMH! Just ghetto but funny as hell! #justwatch


RAP BEEF! Pro Era vs A$AP Mob!

A$AP Mob just released a new video “Trillmatic – feat Method Man” and personally I like it! It takes you back to the days when NY ran hip-hop that 90’s & early 2k’s flow! Apparently Joey Bad Ass & his crew Pro Era has an issue with it claiming A$AP Mob stole their style? WTF? (CHECK IT OUT HERE and see the Twitter jabs at one another)  First off this wasn’t their style to begin with! Alot of rappers before them did he same thing that’s New York Style of rap period! Also this is why New York rap is failing! Everybody hating but everyone saying they want to bring that old school New York style of rap back BUT ain’t that part of the reason NY isn’t on top anymore? I mean no one can come forward and be original and bring something new to the game! Its ok to pay homage to the past cause that’s what got us here but when you don’t find new ways to do it you become stale and that’s what New York rap has done! It’s gotten boring while everyone else is looking to party! There’s a lane for this style of rap but it will never reach the heights of what it used to be! These days songs come and go quicker than you can flush a turd down the toilet! Anybody remember “Gangam Style?” Check out the video from ASAP Mob Trillmatic feat Method Man and then check out one from Pro Era both are good but they can’t ever meet the standard set by the next one 

Here’s a gem from Joey Bad Ass & Pro Era:

Neither of these artists will ever touch classic’s like this! Shyheim ft Method Man – Shaolin Style


Nelson Mandela dies at 95


Real RoZay

The RealRoZay team is sadden to write that South Africa and the world is mourning the death Nelson Mandela. Mr.Mandela was internationally loved and he was the epitome of peace and equality and fought to end racial apartheid in Africa. The world is mourning and hurting with the Mandela family.
Mandela passed away today, after a long hard decline of his health. The 95-year-old former South African president gave his life to fight for equality in his people. Mandela knew that he would be branded as a criminal but that didn’t stop or intimidate him… Mandela struggled and did the impossible and was later named South Africa’s first black president. He did that, with a dream, without giving up, he gave people hope, and freedom. He is an inspiration and we know mourn is passing. Mandela was a force of peace and equality. He earned the Nobel Peace Prize, his…

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