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Miley Cyrus makes news again for simply dressing up as Lil Kim for Halloween! I mean for real everything she does makes the news! Thats what I call hella promotion! Anyway she channeled her inner hip-hop again and showed off her outfit on her Twitter. I ain’t mad at her though she gets props from me for paying homage to one of the best female rappers of  the 90’s, Lil Kim! It’s obvious to me she shows much love & respect for the hip-hop culture and at least she didn’t dress in black face or drop the n-bomb like some of you non-black people tend to do thinking cause we allow you in the house you can put yo feet on my sofa! You might get yo ass whooped in my house for that shit!  I have to say she look good as Lil Kim! After all the shit about her twerking, not having an ass could you get past the tiny cakes would you Smash or Pass? —->> Click here to see more


Pooh Gotti & Krazy Ace (Ghetto Lab Productions) – You’ll See Me

It’s here the winners of the Hustle & Flow Showcase “Ghetto Lab Productions – Pooh Gotti & Krazy Ace just  dropped a hot new video “You’ll See Me” featuring the beat they WON at the Hustle & Flow Talent Showcase made by platinum producer djpain1.  They are definetly one of Alaska’s best groups! Check it out share it!

STREET FUSION MIXSHOW!!! FRIDAY’S at 1pm PST / 5pm EST / 12noon Alaska


I have been blessed with the opportunity to do my own mixshow called “Street Fusion” where I will be mixing independent artists with the majors as well as interviews and more on one of the largest hip-hop & rnb Internet stations in the world! SWURVRadio the unequivocal leader for emerging artists and platform for the culture it embraces.

Since starting the station almost 10 years ago SWURVRadio has consistently established itself as one of the TOP 10 Internet/Satellite stations in the US! SWURVRadio  has multiple nominations to back up its claim as one of the best!  They are  a 3 time nominee for the SEA Awards Best Internet/Satellite Radio Station. Nominated for the A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance a coalition of the best DJ Crews in the nation! 5 straight Editors Pick from Microsoft Windows Media Guide in the Hip-Hop & RnB category!

Here are some MONTHLY listener statistics:  over 1 million visitors to the website, 38,000 Listeners, 176 Countries, 40,000 Listening Hours, 74,000 Sessions, the average listener tunes in for 34 minutes! All this information is available HERE  They also are fully licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SEASC, & SOUND EXCHANGE. So you see SWURVRadio receives a large amount of internet traffic daily so it only makes sense to send your music to me to get heard!

 Send your mp3’s now just click the image below and upload to dropbox-logo

SWURVRadio is available on several different mobile platforms such as Windows Media, iTunes, Nokia, Android, TuneIn, WinAmp and more!  So there’s no excuse not to tune in and check me out! Not to mention there’s a $2500 MAC MakeUp Giveaway for the ladies! So check me out every Friday on Street Fusion from 1pm – 2pm PST / 5pm – 6pm EST / 12noon – 1pm Alaska time!

Get ready for Yo Gotti – I Am | DJ A-oH

It’s coming Get ready for Yo Gotti – I Am | DJ A-oH.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

So by now the whole world is aware that Lil Wayne signed Paris Hilton to YMCMB and I know you all have been waiting to hear what they came up with!  Admit it deep down we’re all suckers for stars and their escapades! Especially sex tapes! If you remember not too long ago after her sex tape exposed the world to who she was then reality show fame and shortly after Ray J made Kim Kardashian famous she had a self titled album out called Paris on Warner Bros! Yes it is in my mp3 collection don’t hate cause you missed it!  I’m a DJ that on occasion has to cater to high schooler’s who don’t know any better! Now in her defense it wasn’t that bad surprisingly! It fit right in with the rest of the pop/edm crap that’s out nowdays!  It was exactly what I expected and I wasn’t expecting much different with her new collaboration with YMCMB! I mean people have been saying Lil Wayne and the rest of his crew have been falling off for a while now and this latest move just may prove it! If nothing else she does look good in the video so you can get by the lack of singing talent for a few wasted minutes of your life! Watch the video and let me know what you think! Oh and for all you aspiring artists out there wondering what it takes to get signed by YMCMB try a sex tape, no talent and lots of money!


RIHANNA – POUR IT UP (NEW VIDEO) Good lawd this video is HOOOTT!


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