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The Hustle & Flow Talent Showcase  on Friday Aug 2nd at Club Sorayas is a Major opportunity for local artists to win beats from Platinum Producer DJ Pain 1 and Chef P as well as other prizes like studio time from Legacy 907 Studios, your Bio and video in Hip-Hop Weekly America’s #1 Hip-Hop Magazine in news stores everywhere!

You get a chance to win beats from major producers, studio time, networking and get your music promoted to over 100,000 people a week nation wide!

This is open to ALL ages and styles of music! Register at the door at 8pm! Limited to the first 20 artists! Just $50 (Groups must pay $50 pp) General Audience $5.  All Ages welcome to come out and support your favorite artist! Anchorage if your really about putting on for the city then you need to be at the Hustle & Flow Talent Showcase Friday Aug 2nd!

Brought to you by

Top Hustla Ent

Core DJ Reggie Ward

Legacy 907 Studios

M&M Technolgies

DJ Twizt

Club Sorayas




Theres always an ongoing debate about who the “HOTTEST” local artist is in any given city across the USA! Alot of times its based off of egos more than music! I learned awhile ago that your only as big as your fan base no matter where your at! When ever I see a live local performance I always look at how many “FANS or SUPPORTERS” come to see that artist! I also look at how many people in the crowd “KNOW” their music and how the overall crowd “VIBES” to the music!

Muldoon Manny came to me a couple years ago about dropping his first mixtape “The City Is Mine

Click Pic To Listen & Download on Datpiff!


Back then no one outside family and friends really knew much about him! I had saw something different in him from when we first met and I listened to him flow! I thought he was a raw talent that needed the right push and development of his style to be one of if not the best in Anchorage! Fast Forward 3 years later and the growth has been amazing! He definitely is one of the BEST at least Top 5  in Anchorage right now as evident by how the crowd at Club Sorayas got hype when he performed his street anthem #Ratchet! If you don’t know about him then your missing out on some great music that tells his story of life growing up in Anchorage on the Eastside!

So if you missed the last show then stay tuned for the next one in August!


Pridefest Seattle 2013 is all about equality and unity UNLESS your a preacher walking into the festivities with a big sign that says “Repent or Else!” this past Sunday! Some people apparently didn’t think it was welcome at this gay pride event and decided to beat the brakes off the preacher and his assistant! I guess all things are not equal! Watch the video here:

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